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ISO 19092:2008

ISO 19092

ISO 19092:2008 Financial services — Biometrics — Security framework

ISO 19092:2008, also known as the Financial Services – Biometrics – Security Framework, is a global standard that establishes a framework for the secure handling of personal data related to financial services. This document covers the need for biometric identifiers and their use in security systems, as well as the requirements for protecting personal data with biometric safeguards.

What is ISO 19092:2008

ISO 19092:2008 is the international standard for financial services and its accompanying security framework. This Standard was developed to provide a common language and framework for the recognition, management, and assessment of risk in the financial system.

It is based on the ISO 27001:2005 security assurance standard. It applies to all types of organizations, including banks, insurance companies, securities firms, and other financial institutions.

ISO 19092 includes requirements for risk assessment, risk management, and incident response. It also establishes standards for biometric authentication and data protection.

Therefore, It is an important part of the financial security architecture. It helps to ensure that risk is managed effectively and that incidents are responded to quickly.

What are the requirements of ISO 19092:2008 ?

It sets out the requirements for a financial services biometrics security framework. The framework must protect the privacy of individuals who are involved in the processing of their personal data. and must ensure that the quality of the biometric data is maintained.

The security requirements of this standard also include the protection of data against unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction. The framework must also provide mechanisms for monitoring and reporting on the security status of biometric systems.

It is an important standard because it establishes a common security framework for financial institutions across the globe. By following these standards, companies can prevent potential data breaches and protect the privacy of their customers.

What are the benefits of this standard ?

ISO 19092:2008 is a security framework that was developed to help organizations protect their biometric data. It includes standards for managing and protecting biometric data, as well as guidelines for risk management.

The benefits of the standard include the following:

-It helps to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your biometric data.
-It provides a secure platform for storing and using your biometric data.
-And It offers guidance on how to identify and mitigate risk associated with the use of your biometric data.

So, If you are looking to protect your biometric data, this Standard is a great security framework to consider. It offers a number of benefits that can help you to maintain the safety and security of your data.

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