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Welcome To Pacific Certifications

Pacific Certifications is part of E-Certifications, a leading independent certification body for ISO Certifications, accredited by ABIS (Accreditation Board for International Standards), Product certifications & various training programs.

We serve a broad range of industries, including the civil aviation, space, defence, nuclear, industrial, electronics, medical, telecommunications and automotive markets etc.

Pacific Certifications at a Glance


10+ Years of Experience

25+ Operating countries

Steps to Certification

Step 1

Complete a Quote Request Form so that we can understand your requirements and we will use the provided information to accurately define your scope of work and provide you with a proposal.

Step 2

Once you approve our proposal, we will contact you schedule the audit. This audit consists of online or onsite assessment of your system for the Initial Certification or surveillance.

Step 3

Following a successful audit, a certification decision is made and if positive, then certification to the required standard is issued by Pacific Cert. Certification is valid for three years and is maintained with yearly audits.

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