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    Water Audit

    Water Audit

    Water Audit

    Water is a precious natural resource with almost fixed quantum of availability, with continuous growth in per capital availability of utilizable water is going down, whereas with ever-rising standard of living of people, all around rapid industrialization and urbanization, demand of fresh water is going up constantly. Unabated discharge of industrial effluents into water bodies is further aggravating the situation of scarcity of water of acceptable quality. In spite of the fact that fresh water is rapidly becoming an issue as it is continued to be used wastefully.
    To achieve the goal of maximum utilization of water resources it is important to get Water Audit done after a certain time period. Water Audit is a study which involves identification of areas for reduction of usage of water and to identify methods of recycling of existing water and technology advancement for water consumption.
    Having a water audit done will help you to understand how you can achieve a water balance study which shall give you an idea on: –
    How water is being used
    How you can prevent or reduce the usage & wastage of water
    What are the areas where the water is being wasted
    How I can recycle the existing water
    Change in the equipment which can help to reduce water waste
    What are technology advancement techniques which can help you in reducing water consumption/waste
    How to do water conservation
    Our Energy audit report can answer all these questions as we are equipped with the most advance equipment in industry to carry out water audit study.
    We have best devices in industry such as Ultrasonic Flow Meter to measure water consumption without affecting the pipeline flow, Thermal Imager and Leak Detector to detect leakage and other advance software and equipment to deliver and reduce the water usage.

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