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ISO 732:2000(EN)

ISO 732:2000(EN)

Photography — 120-size and 220-size films — Dimensions

ISO 732:2000 was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 42, Photography.

ISO 732:2000(EN) is the fourth edition and it canceled and replaced the third edition (ISO 732:1991 and ISO 1048:1991), of which it constitutes a combination and technical revision. A number of technical changes have been made to the figures that describe product dimensions. As well as to the specifications for paper width and thickness.

ISO 732:2000 shares specifications for

  • dimensions of 120-size and 220-size films and of the spools common to both,
  • dimensions of the backing paper for 120-size film and the leader and trailer paper for 220-size film. As well as the placement of the paster tape used for attaching these papers to the films,
  • minimum length of film required in front of the leading edge of the first image and behind the trailing edge of the last image, and
  • markings on the backing paper and the trailer-paper for identification of the intended photofinishing process.

Backing Paper

Opaque, photographically inert paper, used with 120-size film and imprinted with frame numbers that are legible through a camera window. Providing protection against the danger of light exposure of the film


Difference in location of the film end relative to the numbers on the backing paper, when wound on the spool. Compared to their respective positions when laid out flat

Exposure Numbers

Consecutive numbers, or sets of numbers, printed on the outside of the backing paper away from the film

Leader Paper

Trailer Paper

Shorter strips of paper attached to 220-size film (leader at the start of the film and trailer at the end of the film) for the purposes of light protection and winding. Similar to the backing paper for 120-size film

Also, Spool

Cylindrical device that has a flange at each end, an axial hole for a pin or spindle. And on which the roll of film and paper is wound

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