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    ISO 2108


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    ISO 2108:2017(EN)Information and documentation — International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

    The ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation, Subcommittee SC 9, Identification and description, is in charge of developing ISO 2108:2017.
    The fourth version (ISO 2108:2005), which was technically amended, is cancelled and replaced by ISO 2108:2017. It details the obligations of registrants who submit applications and assign ISBNs to acceptable publications. The standards relating to the 10-digit ISBN and its associated calculation method were removed in January 2007 because the 13-digit ISBN is now the sole version that is valid in the supply chain. An updated informative annex explains how an ISBN can be resolved on digital networks, including being “actionable” by registering as an ISBN-A or incorporating into URN:ISBN. Additional guidelines on accompanying metadata and the issuance of an ISBN are also provided, especially with regard to digital publications.
    The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a distinctive international identification system for each product form or edition of a separately available monographic publication published or created by a particular publisher and made available to the general public, according to ISO 2108:2017. It describes how an ISBN is created, how it is assigned and used, what metadata should be used in conjunction with the ISBN allocation, and how the ISBN system is managed.
    Textual works are not covered by ISO 2108:2017, which is relevant to monographic publications (books) (content). Monographic publications comprise specific categories of linked products that are accessible to the public regardless of whether such publications are made available for sale or free of charge, as well as particular sections or chapters when these are made independently available.

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