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    ISO 1750


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    ISO 1750:1981 (EN) Pesticides and other agrochemicals — 

    Common names
    Technical Committee ISO/TC 81, Common names for pesticides and other agrochemicals, created ISO 1750. It replaces ISO Recommendation R 1750-1970 and repeals it.
    A list of acceptable common names for specific plant growth regulators and pest control agents may be found in ISO 1750:1981.

    For specific pest control agents and plant growth regulators of global significance, Technical Committee ISO/TC81, Common names for pesticides and other agrochemicals, approved common names that are included in ISO 1750:1981. It incorporates ISO Recommendation R 1750’s Addenda 1 through 5 as well as the draught Addenda 6, 7, and 8, which have been approved for publication, and it replaces the 1970 edition.
    The common names are listed in alphabetical order in English and cross-references are provided when the French spelling considerably differs from the English spelling in ISO 1750:1981.
    In each instance, the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) preferred name, where different from the IUPAC name, is given before the chemical name in accordance with the English standards of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), which is then followed by the IUPAC name in French. Because the name Chemical Abstracts is not always derived using the system currently in use, a molecular formula index has also been included.
    Each compound’s application is described using the following classification:
    A — Acaricide
    B — Bactericide
    F — Fungicide
    FI — Herbicide
    I — Insecticide
    M — Molluscicide
    N — Nematicide
    P — Plant growth regulator
    R — Rodenticide
    V — Avicide
    There is a list of the nations where common names are not permitted, although it should be emphasized that the absence of a nation from these lists should not be interpreted as approval of the name there. The ISO alpha-2 codes defined in ISO 3166, Codes for the depiction of names of countries, are used to designate the various nations.
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