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ISO 19123:2005 Geographic information — Schema for coverage geometry and functions

ISO 19123:2005 Geographic information — Schema for coverage geometry and functions provides a schema for geometric elements and their associated coverage functions. It assists in the description of the spatial coverage of geographic data and the determination of their validity.

What is ISO 19123:2005?

ISO 19123:2005 is a standard that defines the geospatial content and metadata requirements for digital maps and information products.

It is based on ISO standard 2709:1995, which was originally developed in the early 1990s to support the Global Positioning System (GPS) system.

This standard mainly covers the following topics: map content, data elements, presentation, symbology, annotation and labeling, control of consistency, management of revisions, and product quality assurance.

The main goal of this standard is to provide a common framework for digital map producers around the world. This will help to improve the quality and consistency of digital maps and information products.

What are the requirements of ISO 19123:2005?

The standard defines requirements for the geographic information that is to be captured and managed in a Geographic Information System (GIS). The requirements include coverage geometry, functions, and attributes.

Coverage geometry is the number of features that are to be represented in the data. Coverage must be sufficient to support all the required functions and attributes.

Functions are the operations that can be performed on the data. Moreover, Functions must be able to handle all types of data, including geometrically accurate data and attribute values that have been Cartesianized.

Therefore, Attributes are characteristics of the features in the data. Attributes must be stored in a way that allows them to be retrieved quickly and easily. Attribute values must also be convertible into other formats, such as latitude and longitude coordinates.

What are its benefits ?

ISO 19123:2005 is a global standard for geographic information systems (GIS). It defines a schema for coverage geometry and functions, which makes it easy to exchange information between different GIS software applications.

Thus, It has many benefits for businesses and governments. It helps to improve the accuracy and reliability of GIS data. It also makes it easier to share GIS data between different organizations.

This standard is rapidly becoming the standard for GIS data exchange. So, If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should consider implementing ISO 19123:2005 into your GIS system.

Who needs ISO this standard?

ISO 19123:2005 is a global standard for geographic information system (GIS) coverage geometry and functions. It defines the content, structure, and data representation of a GIS coverage database.

It is not mandatory for all users of GIS, but it is recommended for all users who need to work with or access geographic data that has been collected in a consistent manner.

Also, it specifies how to generate coverage data from other sources, such as cadastral or survey data. This information can then be used to create a GIS coverage database.

This standard is updated every five years and was most recently updated in 2013. So, it is important to keep up with the latest changes to this standard so that you can use it to make informed decisions when working with geographic data.

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