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    ISO/IEC 7813


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    ISO/IEC 7813:2006(EN) Information technology — Identification cards — Financial transaction cards

    ISO/IEC 7813:2006 was prepared by Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology, Subcommittee SC 17, Cards and personal identification.
    ISO/IEC 7813:2006 is the sixth edition, it cancels and replaces the fifth edition (ISO/IEC 7813:2001), which has been technically revised.
    ISO/IEC 7813:2006 is one of a series of standards describing the parameters for identification cards and the use of such cards for international interchange.
    ISO/IEC 7813:2006 addresses the structure and data content of financial transaction cards.
    ISO/IEC 7813:2006 specifies the data structure and data content of track data used to initiate financial transactions. It takes into consideration both human and physical aspects and states minimum requirements of conformity. It references layout, recording techniques, numbering systems, registration procedures, but not security requirements.
    ISO/IEC 10373 defines the test procedures used to check ID-1 cards against the parameters specified in ISO/IEC 7813:2006
    For the purposes of ISO/IEC 7813:2006, the following terms and definitions apply:
    Automated teller machine
    unattended electronic device that requires a customer verification method such as a card and personal identification number (PIN) to perform basic bank teller functions such as accepting deposits, cash withdrawal, account transfers, loan payments and balance enquiries
    Cash disbursement
    Action of withdrawing cash with a financial transaction card, either as a cash withdrawal at an ATM, a cash advance or as a cash back transaction at the point of sale
    Financial transaction card
    Any carrier of track data which contains issuer and cardholder information used to facilitate financial transactions by providing the necessary data content for processing such transactions
    Goods and services
    Range of financial transactions excluding cash disbursements
    Personal identification number
    Code or password that the cardholder possesses for verification of identity
    PIN Entry Device
    Device into which the cardholder enters the PIN
    Service code
    Three-digit numeric value used to indicate the issuer’s transaction acceptance parameters for the card
    Track data
    Mandatory and optional data elements defined for track 1 or track 2
    Note* Track data may be on the magnetic stripe of a physical card, or be contained within an integrated circuit or other media.
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