ISO/IEC 646:1991(EN) Information Technology — ISO 7-bit coded character set for information interchange

ISO/IEC 646 was created by Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information Technology.
The third revision canceled and replaced the second edition (ISO 646:1983) which had been technically revised.
ISO/IEC 646 defines a set of 128 characters, (control characters and graphic characters such as letters, digits and symbols) with their coded representation. Most of these characters are mandatory and cannot be changed, but provision is made for some flexibility to accommodate national and other requirements.
ISO/IEC 646 specifies a 7-bit coded character set with a number of options. It also shares guidelines on how to exercise the options to define specific national versions and application-oriented versions. It also specifies the International Reference Version (IRV) in which such options have been exercised.
This character set is primarily intended for the interchanging the information among data processing systems and associated equipment, and within data communication systems. The requirement for graphic characters and control functions in data processing has also been taken into account in determining this character set. This character set is applicable to alphabets of the Latin script.
This character set allows to use and of control characters for code extension where its character set is insufficient for particular applications. Procedures for the use of these control characters are specified in ISO 2022.
The definitions of the control characters mentioned in ISO/IEC 646 are also specified in ISO 6429. It is assumed that data associated with them is to be processed serially in a forward direction. When they are included in strings of data which is processed other than serially in a forward direction or when they are included in data formatted for fixed-record processing they may have undesirable effects or may require additional special treatment to ensure that they result in their desired function.
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