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    ISO/IEC 18023

    ISO/IEC 18023

    ISO/IEC 18023

    ISO/IEC 18023 Information technology — SEDRIS

    ISO/IEC 18023 Information technology — SEDRIS is the international standard for secure electronic data communication. It provides a framework for exchanging digital information between organizations and provides security requirements for the data exchanged.

    ISO/IEC 18023-1:2006 Information technology — SEDRIS — Part 1: Functional specification

    ISO/IEC 18023-1:2006 provides a functional specification for the SEDRIS information management system. It defines the functionality that is needed in order for SEDRIS to meet the requirements of an information management system.

    SEDRIS is a Web-based information management system that is used to manage information within an organization. It can be used to manage both structured and unstructured data.

    ISO/IEC 18023-1:2006 is based on the ISO/IEC 20252-1:2005 standard.

    ISO/IEC 18023-2:2006 Information technology — SEDRIS — Part 2: Abstract transmittal format

    ISO/IEC 18023-2:2006 Information technology — SEDRIS — Part 2: Abstract transmittal format specifies the format and procedures for the transmission of abstracts of papers and proposals submitted for publication in the Journal of Information Technology.

    ISO/IEC 18023-3:2006/AMD 1:2012 Information technology — SEDRIS — Part 3: Transmittal format binary encoding — Amendment 1

    ISO/IEC 18023-3:2006 specifies a transmission format binary encoding scheme for SEDRIS messages. Amendment 1 provides a mapping from the ISO/IEC 8859-1 character set to the transmission format binary encoding scheme.

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