ISO 999:1996(EN) Information and documentation —

 Guidelines for the content, organization, and presentation of indexes
ISO 999:1996 was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation, Subcommittee SC 9, Presentation, identification, and description of documents.
The second revision was canceled and replaced with the first edition. It updated, clarified, and exemplified the basic indexing methods recommended in the old edition entitled Index of a publication. ISO 999:1996 expands the seven sections of the first edition to eight, provides more detailed guidelines on the organization of indexes, and includes examples. New sections are introduced on quality control, arrangement of entries in indexes, and presentation of indexes.
ISO 999:1996 provides the guidelines for the content, organization, and presentation of indexes.
ISO 999:1996 applies to indexes to books (including works of fiction), periodicals, reports, patent documents, and other written or printed documents, and also to non-print materials, such as electronic documents, films, sound recordings, video recordings, graphic materials, maps, and three-dimensional objects.
ISO 999:1996 concerns the basic indexing principles and practice rather than the detailed procedures of indexing that vary according to the type of matter indexed and the users for whom the index is intended. Therefore the examples are given, including punctuation, are illustrative and not prescriptive.
ISO 999:1996 covers the choice, form, and arrangement of headings and subheadings used in index entries once the subjects to be indexed have been determined
Although ISO 999:1996 does not give any guideline on computerized index generation as such, it is relevant to the preparation of all types of indexes, regardless of whether they are produced manually or by computer-assisted methods, and whether compiled by one indexer or by a team of indexers. It does not cover the mechanized extraction of text words to generate indexes, e.g. KWIC (Keyword in Context), nor does it cover special systems of indexing such as PRECIS, chain indexing, citation indexing or the techniques of post-coordinate indexing, although its recommendations may be relevant to any of these systems.
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