ISO 8653:2016(EN) jewelry — Ring-sizes — Definition, measurement and designation

ISO/TC 174, Jewelry, committee created ISO 8653:2016. ISO 8653:2016 is the second edition, it cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO 8653:1986), which has been revised technically
Jewelry products are submitted to quality control and, for the ring-size measurements, the control methods could be different among manufacturers, among principals (brands), and between manufacturers and their principals, which could generate conflicts.
ISO 8653:2016 intends to reduce conflicts and to avoid manufacturers having to set several control methods to satisfy each brand. ISO 8653:2016 decides methods to measure ring-sizes for the main shapes of rings found in the jewelry market. Characteristics of the tools used, a ring stick, are also explained
ISO 8653:2016 specifies a method to measure the ring-size using a ring stick with defined characteristics, which is mainly used during manufacturing steps, and specifies the designation of the ring-size.
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