ISO 8559-1:2017(EN) Size designation of clothes — Part 1: Anthropometric definitions for body measurement

ISO 8559-1:2017 provides a description of anthropometric measurements that can be used as a basis for the creation of physical and digital anthropometric databases. The list of measurements specified in ISO 8559-1:2017 is intended to serve as a guide for practitioners in the field of clothing who are required to apply their knowledge to select population market segments and to create size and shape profiles for the development of all garment types and their equivalent fit mannequins. The list given provides a guide for how to take anthropometric measurements, as well as give information to clothing product development team and fit mannequin manufacturer on the principles of measurements and their underlying anatomical and anthropometrical bases.
ISO 8559-1:2017 is intended to be used in conjunction with national, regional or international regulations or agreements to ensure harmony in defining population groups and to allow comparison of anthropometric data sets.
ISO 8559-2:2017(EN) Size designation of clothes — Part 2: Primary and secondary dimension indicators
ISO 8559-2:2017 specifies primary and secondary dimensions for specified types of garments to be used in combination with ISO 8559-1 (anthropometric definitions for body measurement).
The primary aim of ISO 8559-2:2017 is to establish a size designation system that can be used by manufacturers and retailers to indicate to consumers the body dimensions of the person that the garment is intended to fit. Given that the size of the person’s body has been determined in accordance with ISO 8559-1, this designation system will facilitate the choice of garments that fit. This information can be indicated by labeling etcetera
The size designation system is based on measurements of body, not garment measurements. The choice of garment measurement is normally determined by the designer and the manufacturers who makes appropriate allowances to accommodate the type and position of wear, style, cut and fashion elements of the garment.
ISO 8559-3:2018(EN) Size designation of clothes — Part 3: Methodology for the creation of body measurement tables and intervals
ISO 8559-3:2018 describes the principles of the establishment of tables for body measurements, defines the categories of tables and sub-groups to be used for developing ready-to-wear garments. The body measurement tables and intervals are mostly used by the clothing sector to make the development of well-fitting products easier and more accurate.
The described methodology in ISO 8559-3:2018 is mainly based on the application of statistical analysis, using body dimension data. The statistical levels have deliberately been kept to a low level in order for the content to be made readily comprehensible to the widest possible readership.
ISO 8559-3:2018 is applicable to various sets of body dimensions. It can be useful to determine intervals for the size designation as described in ISO 8559-2 also.
Garment dimensions are not included in ISO 8559-3:2018.
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