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    ISO 8559-1:2017 Size designation of clothes

    ISO 8559-1:2017 Size designation of clothes

    Clothing manufacturers, importers, and retailers need to be aware of the new ISO 8559-1:2017 size designation for clothing. The new standard replaces the current ISO Standard 6348:2006. The new standard defines specific sizes for men, women, and children’s clothing.

    What is ISO 8559-1:2017?

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is an international standard for size designation of clothes. It defines the dimensions and dimensions of labels that are to be affixed to clothes, accessories, and other articles of clothing.

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is an updated version of ISO 8559:2009. It replaces ISO 8559:2009 because it includes new sizes and new garment types.

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is applicable to both men’s and women’s clothing. The dimensions that are defined in ISO 8559-1:2017 can be used to create labels for both men’s and women’s clothing.

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is available in PDF format. You can download it from the ISO website.

    What are the requirements of ISO 8559-1:2017?

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is the international standard for size designation of clothes. This standard specifies the sizes that are used to label clothing items.

    The sizes that are specified in ISO 8559-1:2017 are the same sizes that are used in many other countries around the world. This standard is important because it allows people to understand the size of clothing items from one country to another.

    ISO 8559-1:2017 also specifies how different measurements should be converted to the size designation that is specified in ISO 8559-1:2017. This conversion process is known as the Universal Size System (US).

    If you need to label clothing items that are not included in ISO 8559-1:2017, you can use a custom size designation system. However, you will need to follow the requirements of ISO 8559-1:2017 when you create your custom size designation system.

    What are the benefit of ISO 8559-1:2017?

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is a size designation standard for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. It replaces the previous ISO 629:1975 standard.

    The main benefit of ISO 8559-1:2017 is that it is more accurate and consistent than the old ISO 629:1975 standard. It also includes new definitions for size categories, which makes it easier to compare clothing sizes between different brands.

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is still in development, so there are some areas where it may not be completely accurate yet. However, this new size designation standard will make it easier to find clothing that fits properly and helps to promote healthy body image.

    Who needs ISO 8559-1:2017?

    ISO 8559-1:2017 is the new international standard for size designation of clothes. It replaces ISO 8559:2006.

    This standard was developed to help retailers and manufacturers to identify and label clothing items in a consistent and accurate way.

    ISO 8559-1:2017 provides four size designations for men, women, and children. These sizes are based on the European Standard EN 14171:2010.

    The four size designations are as follows:

    Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra-Large (XL).

    This standard is not mandatory, but it is recommended that all retailers and manufacturers adopt it. If you want to comply with ISO 8559-1:2017, you will need to update your labeling system.

    If you have any questions or concerns about ISO 8559-1:2017, please don’t hesitate to contact your garment manufacturer or retailer.

    If you are looking for more support with ISO 8559-1:2017, please contact us at +91-8595603096 or support@pacificcert.com