ISO 843:1997(EN) Information and documentation — Conversion of Greek characters into Latin characters

ISO 843 was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation, Subcommittee SC 2, Conversion of written languages.ISO 843 canceled and replaced ISO Recommendation R 843:1968, of which constitutes a technical revision.
ISO 843:1997 shares a system for the transliteration and/or transcription of Greek characters into Latin characters. This standard provides for two sets of rules, each constituting a type of conversion, which are:
— Type 1, transliteration of Greek characters into Latin characters
— Type 2, transcription of Greek characters into Latin characters
This system applies to the characters of the Greek script, independent of the period in which it is or was used, i.e. it applies to monotonic and polytonic scripts from all periods of Classic or Modern Greek as well as any other form of writing using the Greek script.
Definitions and explanations for the terms used transliteration, transcription etc.
ISO 843:1997 does not strictly define which type of conversion shall be used in an application. An application that needs some kind of mapping of Greek characters into Latin characters can choose one, and only one, of these types for a specific purpose. The application must explicitly declare the type adopted.
ISO 843:1997 recommends a preferable way of using the various types of conversion:
— Type 1 (transliteration) can be used in information exchange of bibliographic references, directory services and cases where the original text may be unavailable but still needs to be reconstituted. This type can be used in every case that requires the unique conversion of the transliterated word to its original form (Greek characters) by persons not knowing the Greek language or by machines (e.g. from information technology applications, telematic services and others from the area of communications).
— Type 2 (transcription) can be used in identity cards, passports, road signs, map citations and other cases where the correct pronunciation of the Greek word takes precedence over the need for reconstitution of the original form. In cases like these, other means of ensuring the relationship between the original and the converted word can be used.
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