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ISO 8317:2015

What is ISO 8317:2015-Child-resistant packaging?

ISO 8317:2015 specifies the requirements and test methods for reclosable packages designed to be child-resistant. The primary goal of this standard is to ensure that children, particularly those under five years of age, are unable to access the contents of the package, thereby preventing potential poisoning and harm.

This standard is applicable to a wide range of packaging used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and household products.

Key Features of ISO 8317:2015

  • Child Resistance: The packaging must be difficult for children under five to open.
  • Adult Accessibility: While being child-resistant, the packaging should remain accessible for adults, including elderly people.
  • Reclosability: The package must retain its child-resistant properties after being opened and closed multiple times.
  • Testing Procedures: The standard outlines specific test methods to evaluate the child-resistance and adult accessibility of the packaging.

How We Can Help

At Pacific Certifications, we specialize in providing comprehensive audit and certification services for ISO 8317. Our team of experienced auditors and technical experts can guide you through every step of the certification process, ensuring that your packaging meets the stringent requirements of the standard.

Our Services Include:

Gap Analysis: We conduct a thorough assessment to identify any areas where your packaging may not meet the ISO 8317:2015 requirements. This helps in creating an effective action plan for compliance.

Documentation Review: Our experts review all relevant documentation, including design specifications, testing protocols, and quality control procedures, to ensure they align with the standard.

On-site Audit: We perform a detailed on-site audit to evaluate the practical implementation of the child-resistant packaging requirements. This includes observing the manufacturing processes and testing the packaging’s child-resistance and adult accessibility.

Certification Decision: Based on the audit findings, we provide a comprehensive report and, if your packaging meets the necessary criteria, we issue the ISO 8317 certification. This certification demonstrates your commitment to safety and compliance.

Continuous Improvement: We offer ongoing support to help you maintain compliance and improve your packaging systems. This includes regular surveillance audits and updates on any changes to the standard.

Ready to ensure the safety and compliance of your child-resistant packaging? Contact us today at support@pacificcert.com to learn more about our ISO 8317 audit and certification services!

What are the requirements of ISO 8317:2015-Child-resistant packaging?

ISO 8317:2015 – Child-resistant packaging specifies several critical requirements aimed at ensuring that packaging for potentially hazardous products is safe and secure from children while remaining accessible to adults. Here are the primary requirements of the standard:

Child-Resistant Effectiveness

The packaging must be designed to be significantly difficult for children under the age of five to open or obtain a harmful amount of the product within a reasonable time frame. This involves stringent testing with a group of children to ensure the packaging meets the child-resistant criteria

Adult Usability

While being child-resistant, the packaging must be easily accessible to adults, including the elderly. This means adults must be able to open and properly reclose the package without undue difficulty. The standard includes specific tests involving adults to verify this usability


The packaging must maintain its child-resistant properties after being opened and closed multiple times. This is crucial for products that are used over a period and need to be securely resealed after each use.

Design and Construction

The design and construction of the packaging must be such that it cannot be easily manipulated by children. This includes aspects like:

  • Closure Mechanisms: Special closures that are challenging for children to operate.
  • Material Strength: Durable materials that resist tampering.

Testing Procedures

ISO 8317:2015 outlines specific test methods to evaluate the child-resistance and adult accessibility of the packaging. These tests include:

  • Child Panel Testing: A test group of children is observed to see if they can open the package within a specified time.
  • Adult Panel Testing: Adults, including elderly individuals, are tested to ensure they can open and properly reclose the package.

Marking and Labeling

The packaging must include clear and appropriate labeling to ensure users are aware of the child-resistant features and understand how to properly use the packaging. This may include instructions on how to open and close the packaging correctly.

Quality Control

Manufacturers must implement robust quality control measures to ensure consistent production of child-resistant packaging. This includes regular inspections, testing, and verification processes to maintain compliance with the standard.

Compliance Documentation

Organizations must maintain detailed documentation demonstrating their compliance with ISO 8317:2015. This includes records of design specifications, test results, quality control measures, and any corrective actions taken to address non-compliance issues.

Steps to Achieve ISO 8317:2015 Certification

  • Initial Assessment: Conduct a gap analysis to determine current compliance status and identify areas needing improvement.
  • Design Review: Ensure packaging design meets all child-resistant and adult usability requirements.
  • Testing: Perform required testing procedures, including child panel and adult panel testing, to verify compliance.
  • Documentation: Prepare and maintain comprehensive documentation of design, testing, and quality control processes.
  • Audit: Undergo an external audit by a certification body to verify compliance with ISO 8317:2015.
  • Certification: If the audit is successful, obtain the ISO 8317:2015 certification.

By implementing these requirements, manufacturers can ensure their packaging is safe, compliant, and suitable for protecting children from accessing potentially harmful products.

What are the benefits of ISO 8317:2015-Child-resistant packaging?

ISO 8317 Child-resistant packaging offers numerous benefits for manufacturers, consumers, and regulatory bodies. These benefits extend beyond compliance, enhancing safety, marketability, and consumer trust. Here are the key benefits of implementing ISO 8317:2015:

Enhanced Child Safety

The primary benefit of ISO 8317:2015 is the increased safety for children. By ensuring that packaging is difficult for children under five years old to open, the standard significantly reduces the risk of accidental poisoning and other injuries from hazardous substances.

Regulatory Compliance

Many countries and regions have stringent regulations regarding child-resistant packaging, particularly for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and household products. Adhering to ISO 8317:2015 helps manufacturers comply with these regulations, avoiding legal issues and potential penalties.

Consumer Confidence

Certification to ISO 8317:2015 demonstrates a manufacturer’s commitment to safety and quality, enhancing consumer trust and confidence. Parents and caregivers are more likely to choose products that are certified child-resistant, knowing they provide an added layer of protection.

Market Access

ISO 8317 certification can facilitate access to international markets. Many global markets require or prefer products with certified child-resistant packaging, giving certified products a competitive edge and potentially increasing sales and market share.

Brand Reputation

Implementing ISO 8317:2015 can enhance a brand’s reputation as a responsible and safety-conscious manufacturer. This positive reputation can lead to stronger customer loyalty and better overall brand perception.

Risk Management

Adopting child-resistant packaging reduces the risk of product-related accidents and associated liabilities. This proactive approach to safety can help mitigate the financial and reputational damage that can arise from such incidents.

Differentiation in the Marketplace

In a crowded market, ISO 8317:2015 certification can differentiate a product from competitors. Highlighting certification can be a unique selling point, attracting safety-conscious consumers.

Improved Quality Control

The process of obtaining ISO 8317:2015 certification involves rigorous testing and quality control measures. This not only ensures compliance but also leads to overall improvements in packaging quality and consistency.

Sustainability Considerations

Some child-resistant packaging solutions that comply with ISO 8317:2015 may also incorporate sustainable materials and design practices. This can align with broader corporate sustainability goals and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Long-term Cost Savings

Investing in ISO 8317:2015 certification can lead to long-term cost savings. By preventing accidents and associated liabilities, and by ensuring smooth market access, companies can avoid costly disruptions and fines.

For more information on how we can assist you with ISO 8317:2015 certification, contact us at support@pacificcert.com  

Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the certification process, ensuring your packaging meets the highest safety standards!

Who needs ISO 8317:2015-Child-resistant packaging?

ISO 8317 is essential for a variety of industries and organizations that produce, package, or distribute products potentially hazardous to children. Here are the primary groups that need ISO 8317- child-resistant packaging:

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical manufacturers producing medications that could be harmful if ingested by children must use child-resistant packaging. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Ensuring that medicines are safely stored away from children is a critical safety measure.

Chemical Manufacturers

Companies that produce household chemicals, such as cleaning products, detergents, and pesticides, need to use child-resistant packaging. These substances can be extremely dangerous if ingested or mishandled by children.

Cosmetic and Personal Care Product Manufacturers

Certain cosmetic and personal care products, like nail polish remover, essential oils, and some skincare items, can be toxic if swallowed. Manufacturers of these products must ensure their packaging is child-resistant to prevent accidental ingestion.

Food and Beverage Companies

Some food and beverage products, especially those containing alcohol, caffeine, or other potentially harmful ingredients, require child-resistant packaging. This includes items like alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and certain dietary supplements.

Cannabis Product Manufacturers

With the legalization of cannabis in various regions, manufacturers of cannabis products, including edibles, oils, and tinctures, must use child-resistant packaging. This is crucial to prevent accidental ingestion by children.

Household Goods Producers

Producers of household items such as batteries, lighter fluids, and other potentially hazardous materials should use child-resistant packaging. These items can pose significant risks if accessed by children.

Paint and Solvent Manufacturers

Paints, solvents, and other similar products often contain toxic substances that need to be kept out of the reach of children. Child-resistant packaging is necessary to ensure safety.

Health and Nutritional Supplement Companies

Manufacturers of vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements need child-resistant packaging to prevent accidental overdose by children, who might mistake them for candy or food.

Tobacco and Nicotine Product Manufacturers

Producers of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies, must ensure their products are packaged in a way that is child-resistant to prevent accidental poisoning.

Retailers and Distributors

Retailers and distributors who handle and sell any of the above-mentioned products also need to ensure that the products they stock and distribute comply with ISO 8317:2015 standard. This is to meet regulatory requirements and ensure consumer safety.

For more information on how we can assist you with ISO 8317 certification, contact us at support@pacificcert.com! Our team of experts is ready to help you ensure that your packaging meets the highest safety standards, protecting children and meeting regulatory requirements

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