ISO 8180:2020(EN) Ductile iron pipelines — Polyethylene sleeving for site application

ISO 8180:2020 was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 5, Ferrous metal pipes and metallic fittings, Subcommittee SC 2, Cast iron pipes, fittings and their joints.
ISO 8180:2020 is the third edition, it cancels and replaces the second edition (ISO 8180:2006), which has been technically revised. The main changes compared to the previous edition are as follows:
— Recommended installation methods have been added;
— The references and presentation have been reviewed and improved.
ISO 8180:2020 specifies the characteristics of polyethylene film, commonly called polyethylene sleeving, used as additional protection against corrosion for ductile iron pipelines, particularly when laid in aggressive soil conditions.
ISO 8180:2020, the efficiency of which has been proved by experience, takes the form of a sheet or tube fitted around the pipes and fittings, on-site, immediately before pipe-laying.

For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply
polyethylene sleeving
sleeving of piping with polyethylene film in tube or sheet form
Polyethylene film
Film extruded from virgin polyethylene raw material
Regenerated product
Polyethylene film made by using recycled material, which could be mixed by different material, from different sources
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