ISO 7372:2005(EN) Trade data interchange — Trade data elements directory * ISO/IEC 7501-1:1997 Identification cards — Machine readable travel documents

ISO 7372:2005 was created jointly with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and adopted by Technical Committee ISO/TC 154, Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration, as the Trade Data Elements Directory (TDED); and is maintained by a joint ISO-UNECE Maintenance Agency
ISO 7372:2005 is the third edition, it cancels and replaces the second edition (ISO 7372:1993).
ISO 7372:2005 was adopted by the technical committee has been circulated to the member bodies for voting and formally adopted by ISO and by the UN compliant to the procedures of each.
When producing this edition of the Trade Data Elements Directory, the Maintenance Agency has delivered a directory that is:
• supporting the UN Layout Key for Trade Documents (ISO6422) by registering data elements that can be conveyed in such documents
• Fully consistent with the set of UN/EDIFACT directories supporting electronic data interchange, especially with the EDIFACT Data Element Directory (EDED) and the UN Codes Library (UNCL).
• Multimodal (all means of transport); (uni) modal requirements are satisfied by using business terms or synonyms, and not by specific entries; multimodal requirements are satisfied by generic entries
• multisectoral (trade/transport/Customs/etc.)
• technology and syntax independent
• ebXML Core Components Technical Specification compliant, providing the core component dictionary entry name with 1) object class, 2) property term and 3) representation term, and support the Controlled Vocabulary with list of permissible words
• backward compatible wherever possible and allows a migration path from previous editions; when an element (a duplicate) has been marked for deletion a preferred element is recommended.
Additionally, the Maintenance Agency reviewed and revised the procedures for submitting Data Maintenance Requests (DMRs). The MA recognized that its work must be as universal as possible; and consequently cooperated closely with the following bodies:
• UN/CEFACT Forum: TBG, ATG, ICG and their Regional Entry Points:
UN/EDIFACT and XML DMR procedures
• UN/CEFACT Forum TMG: ebXML CCTS WG DMR procedures
• OASIS UBL TC DMR procedures
• ISO9735 JSWG Joint Syntax WG DMR procedures
• WCO Customs Data Model DMR procedures
• As well as other Maintenance Agency members’ DMR procedures as UIC for CIM, IATA for CIMP and IMO for FAL.
Management and registration of aggregates, composites and other combinations of single TDED entries are outside the scope of the Maintenance Agency; this work is the responsibility of standardization bodies such as JTC1/SC32 and UN/CEFACT TBG17
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