ISO 7098:2015(EN) Information and documentation — Romanization of Chinese

ISO 7098:2015 was published in 1982 after ISO/TC 46 recognized the need for an International Standard specifying the Chinese phonetic alphabet. ISO 7098:2015 is the third edition, in response to new application needs, for instance to reflect current Chinese Romanization practice and new developments in China and the rest of the world.
ISO 7098:2015 explains the principles of the Romanization of Modern Chinese Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese), the official language of the People’s Republic of China as defined in the Directives for the Promotion of Putonghua, promulgated on 1956-02-06 by the State Council of China. ISO 7098:2015 can be applied in documentation of bibliographies, catalogues, indices, toponymic lists, etc.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
Element of a writing system, whether or not alphabetical, that represents a phoneme, a syllable, a word or even prosodic characteristics of the language, by using graphical symbols (letters, diacritical marks, syllabic signs, punctuation marks, prosodic accents, etc.) or a combination of these signs (a letter having an accent or a diacritical mark)
Ordered character set, the order of which has been agreed upon
Alphabetical characters
Character set that contains letters
Alphanumeric characters
Character set that contains both letters and digits
Graphic character
Character that has a visual representation and is normally produced by writing, printing or displaying
Ideophonographical character
Graphic character that represents an object or a concept and is associated with a sound element in a natural language
Chinese characters
ideophonographical character set for recording the Chinese language
Graphic character that, when appearing alone or combined with others, is primarily used to represent a sound element of a spoken language
Word segmentation
Process of splitting text into a sequence of word segmentation unit
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