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ISO 704:2009(EN)

ISO 704:2009(EN)

Terminology work — Principles and methods

The terminology work dealt with in ISO 704:2009 is concerned with the terminology used for unambiguous communication in natural, human language. The goal of terminology work as described in ISO 704:2009(EN) is, thus, a clarification and standardization of concepts and terminology for communication between humans. Terminology work may be used as input for information modeling and data modeling. But ISO 704:2009 does not cover the relation with these fields.

Following the current trends in standardization toward providing guiding principles, ISO 704:2009 is intended to standardize the essential elements for terminology work. The general purposes of ISO 704:2009 are to provide a common framework of thinking. And to explain how this thinking should be implemented by any group or organization

ISO 704:2009(EN) further intended to provide assistance to those involved in terminology management. The principles and methods should be observed not only for the manipulation of terminological information but also in the planning and decision-making involved in managing a stock of terminology.

The main activities include, but not limited to, the following:

Objects, concepts, designations and definitions are fundamental to terminology work and therefore form the basis of ISO 704:2009. Objects are perceived or conceived and abstracted into concepts which, in special languages, are represented by designations and/or definitions. The set of designations belonging to one special language constitutes the terminology of a specific subject field.

ISO 704:2009 develops the basic principles and methods for preparing and compiling terminologies both inside and outside the framework of standardization. And describes the links between objects, concepts, and their terminological representations.

It also establishes general principles governing the formation of terms and appellations and the formulation of definitions. Full and complete understanding of these principles requires some background knowledge of terminology work.

The principles are general in nature and ISO 704:2009 is applicable to terminology work in scientific, technological, and industrial. Also, administrative and other fields of knowledge.

ISO 704:2009 does not stipulate procedures for the layout of international terminology standards, which are treated in ISO 10241.

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