ISO 7001:2007(EN) Graphical symbols — Public information symbols

ISO 7001:2007 specifies graphical symbols for the purposes of public information.
ISO 7001:2007 Standard is generally applicable to public information symbols in all locations and all sectors where the public has access. However, it is not applicable to safety signs or to those sectors subject to a regulation which may differ with regard to certain points of ISO 7001:2007
ISO 7001:2007 provides the symbol originals that may be scaled for reproduction and application purposes. The symbols may be used in conjunction with text to improve comprehension.
The reason for the publication of ISO 7001:2007 is the increasing use of non-verbal presentation of information in buildings and other places, and for services used by the public. Graphical symbols should be used where text messages might be a barrier to understanding.
Continued growth in international trade, travel and tourism requires a common method of communication and standardization of public information symbols will help both provider and users, including those with disabilities.
Lack of standardization may lead to confusion.
The use of standardized public information symbols does not replace the need for careful consideration and application of way finding and signing schemes; it is recognized that pubic information symbols will often be used with text in signing systems. This may aid education and comprehension particularly for new symbols and those which have less common usage.
ISO 7001:2007 is intended to be used by all Technical Committees within ISO charged with developing specific public information symbols for their industry, to ensure that there is only one symbol for each meaning. It is also intended that ISO 7001:2007 be revised regularly to include public information symbols as they are standardized by ISO and which conform to the principles for development as developed by ISO/TC 145/SC 1.
The public information symbols in ISO 7001:2007 have been validated by ISO/TC 145/SC 1 according to procedures of standardization current at the time of publication. Future standardization of public information symbols will be facilitated with suitable evaluation techniques such as the testing outlined in ISO 9186. Acceptance criteria for public information symbol qualification ought to be such that there is confidence that a suitable proportion of the intended audience will understand them. Further design criteria will be added as appropriate and will be approved by ISO/TC 145/SC 1.
Public information symbols given in ISO 7001:2007 are considered to have achieved a satisfactory degree of comprehension as established by independent testing or as a result of their use and application at an international level.
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