ISO 6166:2021(EN) Financial services — International securities identification number (ISIN)

ISO 6166:2021 was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 68, Financial services, Subcommittee SC 8, Reference data for financial services.
ISO 6166:2021 is the eighth edition, it cancels and replaces the seventh edition (ISO 6166:2013), which has been technically revised.
The main changes to the previous edition are as follows:
— Clarification that the scope covers financial instruments as well as referential instruments;
— Addition of new instrument types to which the ISIN code can be allocated
— Addition of new minimum descriptive elements
With the rapid expansion of international business in financial instruments, there was a need for a universally applicable international securities identification number (ISIN).
No worldwide numbering system existed at the time of the publication of the first edition ISO 6166:2021. Countries with a developed financial market identified issues of securities by means of code numbers, which are without any significance outside the country concerned. Instruments of the same issue were identified by means of different numbers in the country where they were physically held, booked or both, with the result that the national numbers may not be applicable in cross-border transactions.
Because of its strong rationalization effect, an internationally applicable numbering system substantially facilitates and supports international business in financial instruments. Such a system is provided by ISO 6166:2021. Since the publication of the first edition of this ISO 6166, its scope has expanded from a focus on securities to a much broader range of financial instruments. In addition, since the publication of the first edition, the Registration Authority (RA) has relied on the work of national numbering agencies (NNAs) which play an integral role in this rationalization effort and in the implementation of ISO 6166:2021
ISO 6166:2021 provides a uniform structure for the identification of financial instruments as well as referential instruments using a unique identification code and associated minimum descriptive data
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