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    ISO 5971


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    ISO 5971:2017(EN) Size designation of clothes — Tights

    ISO 5971:2017 was created by the committee ISO/TC 133, Clothing sizing systems — Size designation, size measurement methods, and digital fittings.
    ISO 5971:2017 is the second edition, it canceled and replaced the first edition (ISO 5971:1981), which has been technically revised in order to align with ISO 8559-1:2017 and ISO 8559-2:2017 and include the following main changes:
    — informative Annex A added on rationale related to survey data on body dimensions;
    — informative Annex B added including updated examples of tight size designation.
    ISO 5971:2017 establishes a system for designating the sizes of tights.
    The system is based on three criteria:
    — identification of dimensions;
    — description of the methods of determining size designations from survey data; and
    — indication of size designations for garment labelling.
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