Looking for ISO 5455:1979(EN)?

ISO 5455:1979(EN)

ISO 5455:1979(EN)

Technical drawings — Scales

ISO 5455:1979(EN) was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 10, Technical drawings, and was circulated to the member bodies in May 1977.

ISO 5455:1979 specifies recommended scales and their designation for use on all technical drawings in any field of engineering.

The ratio of the linear dimension of an element of an object as represented in the original drawing to the real linear dimension of the same element of the object itself. A scale with a ratio 1: 1.

Enlargement scale

A scale where the ratio is larger than 1: 1 is said to be larger as its ratio increases.

Reduction scale

A scale where the ratio is smaller than 1: 1. is said to be smaller as its ratio decreases.

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