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ISO 5127:2017(EN)

ISO 5127:2017(EN)

Information and documentation — Foundation and vocabulary

The committee responsible for this document is ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation.
0.1 General

ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation committee created this standard, ISO 5127:2017 presents terms and definitions for selected concepts relevant to the field of information and documentation. It includes a good deal of foundational terms and definitions, also from international guidelines. And reference works by organizations in liaison with ISO/TC 46.

Thus,ISO 5127:2017(EN) serves as a sound basis in the understanding of existing as well as possibly projected information and documentation systems. By systematically presenting well-established terminology.

It is, thus, also intended as a tool to help in new developments to come, by underpinning scientific research projects. And helping to organize them, through mutual understanding of some of the foundations. And this document is likewise intended as a handy, quick and comprehensive reference tool also for the newly inaugurated to the field. Proper attention has therefore been paid to a clear, easy to follow structure of ISO 5127:2017(EN).

ISO 5127:2017 has 13 main classes. It aims to provide a logical structure in the field of information and documentation.

ISO 5127:2017(EN) provides a well-balanced selection of both abstract and concrete concepts (and their terms). Documentation and work in the documentation field today are increasingly characterized by the standard use of abstract models of the information field and of the communication flows in it. Also for the design and optimization of information systems.

This type of work requires, substantially refers to, and rests upon the structuring and exploration of the field by abstract reasoning and models, incorporated in the respective abstract concepts. This document satisfies the need for such abstract concepts. But also the equally required provision of a large number of concrete concepts (and terms) for concrete objects, documents and processes.

ISO 5127:2017, in its balanced approach, thus covers main components that constitute the information field:

  • abstract general concepts for the nature of information, of systems building, of identifying concept systems, and of the basic communication features of language (thus also keeping the bridge to information science. And to other sciences relevant for documentation);
  • a basic stock of vocabulary required and demanded to understand, analyze, and apply main documentation operations (to represent concept systems, for indexing, cataloguing, classifying);
  • the required consideration of the storage and preservation of documents and of documentation results, and some legal aspects of documentation;
  • a basic stock of vocabulary required and demanded to understand, analyze, and work with the institutions in the field;
  • and, in particular, a basic stock of vocabulary required and demanded to understand, analyze, and work with the main “raw material” basis of documentation, the large variety of documents and components of documents.

Vocabulary is provided for the general types of documents and their main subdivisions. And a number of concepts and their terms for particular special kinds of documents, which are highly relevant. But not always encountered in daily mass practice. Notably, some needs of special collections are addressed here, too.

Both documents that are the result of, or considerably assist in, documentation are in focus, and a number of documents and their parts whose terminology is needed. Because these documents constitute important main objects for making societal documentation and information processes work.

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