ISO 4217:2015(EN)Codes for the representation of currencies

ISO 4217:2015 was created by the committee ISO/TC 68, Financial services, Subcommittee SC 7, Core banking. ISO 4217:2015 edition was canceled and replaced the seventh edition (ISO 4217:2008.
There is a requirement for a universally applicable code for the identification of currencies. ISO 4217:2015 is the worldwide recognized multi-industry standard on currency codes based on the list of country names obtained from the United Nations as described in ISO 3166-1. ISO 4217:2015 contains lists of codes are used in banking and business globally in all their various domains of activities.
ISO 4217:2015 defines the structure for a three-letter alphabetic code and an equivalent three-digit numeric code for the representation of currencies. For those currencies having minor units, it also shows the decimal relationship between such units and the currency itself.
The scope of ISO 4217:2015 also includes funds and precious metals and also includes basic guidelines for its maintenance.
ISO 4217:2015 is intended for use in any application of trade, commerce and banking, where currencies and, where appropriate, funds are required to be described. It is designed to be equally suitable for manual users and for those employing automated systems.
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