* ISO 361:1975 (EN) Basic ionizing Radiation Symbol

ISO 361:1975 was created by Technical Committee: ISO/TC 85 Nuclear energy, nuclear technologies, and radiological protection.
The technical committee reviewed ISO Recommendation R 361 and found it technically suitable for transformation, ISO 361:1975, therefore, replaced & canceled ISO Recommendation R 361-1963 to ISO 361:1975 which are technically identical.
ISO Recommendation R 361 to ISO 361:1975 was approved by the Member Bodies of the following countries: Australia, USA, Romania, Poland Norway New Zealand, Japan, etc and was disapproved by two countries Austria & France
ISO 361:1975 defines the symbol to be used to signify the actual or potential presence of ionizing radiation and to identify objects, devices, materials, or combinations of materials that emit ionizing radiation.
For the purposes of ISO 361:1975, ionizing radiation includes gamma and X-rays, alpha and beta particles, high-speed electrons, neutrons, protons, and other nuclear particles; but not sound or radio waves, or visible, infra-red, or ultra-violet light. ISO 361:1975 does not specify the radiation levels at which the symbol is to be used.
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