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ISO 23950:1998

ISO 23950:1998 Information and documentation

Recently, ISO 23950:1998 – Information and documentation — Information retrieval (Z39.50) — Application service definition and protocol specification was published, which discusses the application service definition and protocol specification for the information retrieval system Z39.50. This standard provides guidelines for creating an application service that can be used to provide search results across a variety of different databases in a federated environment.

What is ISO 23950:1998 ?

ISO 23950:1998 is a standard for the characterization of information retrieval systems. Also, It provides a framework for specifying the architecture, the interface, and the behavior of an information retrieval system.

It is also known as Z. It was published in 1998 and revised in 2007.

ISO 23950:1998 is part of the ISO 9000 family of standards. The other standards in this family are ISO 9001:1996, ISO 9002:1994, and ISO 9003:1995.

It is a comprehensive standard that covers everything from the system’s architecture to its user interface. It also defines how an information retrieval system should behave.

So, If you are designing or upgrading an information retrieval system, you should be familiar with this standard. It will help to ensure that your system meets all of the requirements demanded by today’s users.

What are the requirements of ISO 23950:1998 ?

It deals with the requirements for the documentation of application service definitions and protocol specifications. In order to ensure that these documents are correct and conform to established standards, it is important to understand some of the requirements of ISO 23950.

ISO 23950 specifies six main principles that must be followed when creating documentation for application service definitions and protocol specifications. These principles are known as the six Cs:

Coherence: The documentation must be coherent and make sense together.
Clarity: The documentation must be clear and easy to understand.
Also, Conformity: The documentation must be in conformance with established standards.
Correctness: The documentation must be accurate and up-to-date.
Completeness: The documentation must cover all necessary information.
Consistency: The documentation should be consistent with other related documents.

What are its benefits ?

ISO 23950:1998 is a standard that specifies how to create and manage documents in an information management system. It provides benefits such as improved information retrieval and improved communication between different parts of an organization.

This Standard can help to improve the accuracy and usability of information in your organization. It can also help to reduce the amount of time needed to find information.

Who needs this standard ?

ISO 23950:1998 is a globally accepted standard for information and documentation management. Therefore, It establishes common terminology, principles, and practices for the management of information resources, including documentation.

It is not a certification program. It does not certify the quality or completeness of any information or documentation. Rather, it provides guidance on how to manage information resources in an effective and consistent manner.

This Standard is important for organizations that need to ensure that their information resources are managed in an organization-wide manner. It can also be helpful for organizations that deal with different types of information and documentation.

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