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    ISO 22241-1:2019(EN), Diesel engines

    ISO 22241-1:2019(EN), Diesel engines

    ISO 22241

    This document specifies the requirements for the construction and performance of diesel engines intended to be used in vehicles for the transport of passengers and/or goods on roads.

    What is ISO 22241-1:2019(EN), Diesel engines

    ISO 22241-1:2019(EN) is an international standard that specifies the minimum requirements for the construction and performance of diesel engines. The standard covers engines with a displacement of up to 7 L and a power output of up to 460 kW.

    The standard includes requirements for engine design, materials, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance. It also specifies the minimum safety requirements for operators and passengers.

    ISO 22241-1:2019(EN) was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee TC 23, Internal combustion engines.

    Process of ISO 22241-1:2019(EN), Diesel engines

    ISO 22241-1:2019(EN) is the first part of a two-part standard that covers the process of designing, developing and manufacturing diesel engines. This standard applies to all types of diesel engines, including those used in passenger cars, trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment, marine vessels and stationary generators.

    The standard covers the design process from concept through to production, and includes requirements for engine performance, emissions, noise, vibration and durability. It also includes requirements for safety and security.

    ISO 22241-1:2019(EN) is based on the international consensus reached by experts from around the world who participated in the development of the standard. This consensus was reached through a series of meetings held over a period of two years.

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