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ISO 21482:2007

ISO 21482-Ionizing-radiation warning — Supplementary symbol

This article will provide supplementary information to ISO 21482, which is the international standard for ionizing radiation warning symbols. It establishes five different types of ionizing radiation warning symbols (types A-E), and this article provides supplementary information for the symbol for radioactive contamination.

What is ISO 21482?

ISO 21482 is an international standard that defines a supplementary symbol for radiation protection.

Radiation protection is an important aspect of safety in the workplace. It provides a supplementary symbol for radiation protection, which can be used to identify radiation-sensitive products and materials.

This symbol helps to ensure that these products and materials are handled and stored safely. It can also help to protect workers who are exposed to radiation from potential health risks.

In fact, This standard is an internationally accepted standard that has been developed over many years.

What are the requirements of ISO 21482?

ISO 21482 sets out the requirements for supplementary symbols to be used on products that may be exposed to ionizing radiation.

Products that may be exposed to ionizing radiation must include a supplementary symbol that indicates the level of exposure. In fact, The supplementary symbol is shown below the health warning symbol and next to the product name.

The levels of exposure indicated by the supplementary symbol are based on the maximum permissible exposure limit (MPE) for ionizing radiation set out in ISO 10993:2006.

Thus, The supplementary symbol is only shown on products that may be exposed to ionizing radiation and it is not necessary for all products that may be exposed to ionizing radiation to include a health warning symbol.

What are its benefits ?

ISO 21482:2007 is a standard that provides guidance on radiation protection for workers in the medical, scientific, and industrial sectors.

Thus, It defines the dose limits for radiation exposure to workers and sets out procedures for calculating permissible doses of radiation.

The benefits of this standard include improved safety and health outcomes for workers, as well as reduced costs associated with radiation protection.

Also, The standard had been updated to ISO 25370:2013. This update has improved the accuracy of the guidance contained in this standard, and it has also included new dose limits for radiation exposure to workers.

Who needs this standard?

ISO 21482:2007 is a standard used to describe the health effects of ionizing radiation. It is not relevant to the majority of businesses, and most businesses do not need to comply with it.

Therefore, It is only relevant to companies that produce, use, or sell products that contain ionizing radiation. This includes companies that manufacture medical equipment, nuclear energy plants, or nuclear weapons..

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