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ISO 2148:1974

What is ISO 2148:1974 Continuous handling equipment – Nomenclature?

ISO 2148:1974 standard specifies the nomenclature to be used for continuous handling equipment, such as conveyors and elevators, in order to establish a clear and standardized terminology for this type of equipment. The standard defines key terms and definitions related to continuous handling equipment, including conveyor belts, idlers, pulleys, and other components, as well as the different types of conveyors and elevators. Such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and bucket elevators.

By providing a common language for continuous handling equipment, ISO 2148 helps to ensure that communication between manufacturers, users, and suppliers is clear and consistent, which can help to improve safety and efficiency in handling operations.

Requirements of ISO 2148:1974

ISO 2148 defines nomenclature related to continuous handling equipment, including terms related to conveyors, elevators, feeders, and their components.

The standard provides a systematic and comprehensive list of terms with clear definitions for use in the field of continuous handling equipment. It establishes a common language and facilitates communication among professionals and stakeholders in the industry.

The requirements of ISO 2148:1974 include:

Providing a comprehensive and standardized list of terms related to continuous handling equipment

Providing clear definitions for each term to ensure consistency in communication within the industry

In addition, Facilitating communication and understanding among professionals and stakeholders involved in the design, manufacture, installation, and operation. Also, maintenance of continuous handling equipment.

ISO 2148 does not cover specific design or performance requirements for continuous handling equipment or their components, but it establishes the foundation for developing such standards in the future.

Benefits of this ISO Standard

ISO 2148 provides a standardized nomenclature for continuous handling equipment. Therefore, The benefits of this standard include:

Consistency: The standard ensures consistency in the terminology used to describe continuous handling equipment, which makes it easier for manufacturers, suppliers, and users to communicate and understand each other.

Clarity: The use of a standardized nomenclature makes it easier to understand the functions and capabilities of different types of continuous handling equipment.

Efficiency: The standard can improve efficiency in the handling equipment industry by reducing the time and effort required to communicate and understand technical information.

Interoperability: A standardized nomenclature can improve the interoperability of different types of handling equipment, making it easier to integrate and use them in different applications.

Finally, International recognition: The use of an internationally recognized standard for nomenclature can facilitate trade and exchange of continuous handling equipment across borders, reducing the barriers to international commerce.

Who needs ISO 2148:1974?

ISO 2148:1974 provides a standardized nomenclature for continuous handling equipment. Including conveyors, elevators, and feeders. The standard can be useful for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of such equipment. As well as engineers, designers, and technical writers who need to communicate about these systems in a clear and consistent manner.

It may also be helpful for regulatory bodies and industry organizations involved in the development of safety standards and guidelines for handling equipment.

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