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ISO 19110:2016

ISO 19110:2016

ISO 19110:2016 Geographic information — Methodology for feature cataloguing

ISO 19110:2016, Geographic information — Methodology for feature cataloguing, is a new standard that was released in 2016. The goal of this standard is to provide a common methodology for feature cataloguing. This article will introduce you to this standard and discuss how it can help you catalogue features on maps.

What is ISO 19110:2016

ISO 19110:2016 is the latest edition of the ISO standard for describing the methodology for feature cataloguing. It covers a wide range of topics, including feature identification, data acquisition, data quality assurance, and data presentation.

This ISO standard is important for software developers who need to catalogue features in their products. It can also be helpful for data managers who need to ensure that the features they collect are accurate and useful.

It is a comprehensive standard that covers many different aspects of feature cataloguing. So, If you are working with software or data that involves feature identification, data acquisition, data quality assurance, and data presentation, you will want to consider using this standard.

What are the requirements of ISO 19110:2016?

A feature is a discrete, identifiable unit of data in a geographic database. A feature can be anything from a building to a street address.

The goal of feature cataloguing is to make it easy for users to find specific information about features in a GIS database. This involves organizing features into categories and assigning unique identifiers to each category.

Feature cataloguing is also important for ensuring that GIS data is accurate and up-to-date. In fact, It allows GIS professionals to make changes to the data without having to re-enter all the information into the system.

If you are working with GIS data, it is important to comply with the standard. Failure to comply can result in penalties such as fines or loss of business privileges.

What are the benefits of this standard?

It provides a common methodology for feature cataloguing, which can be used by different stakeholders in the supply chain for the purpose of product differentiation.

Therefore, Many organizations are now using this standard as a way to improve their product differentiation and to increase their market share.

It offers many benefits, such as:

improved quality assurance

increased efficiency in the supply chain

improved customer service

At last, improved competitiveness in the market

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