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ISO 15082:2016 Road vehicles — Tests for rigid plastic safety glazing materials

Rigid plastic safety glazing materials (including laminated glass) are used in a range of vehicles, from passenger cars and vans to lorries and buses. If these materials fail a rigid test, they can cause injury or death.

This ISO standard establishes testing methods for rigid plastic safety glazing materials.

What is ISO 15082:2016 Road vehicles?

ISO 15082:2016 is the latest edition of the ISO standard for rigid plastic safety glazing materials. The standard covers a wide range of testing methods and requirements to ensure the safety of these materials.

ISO 15082:2016 includes tests for impact resistance, gas permeability, heat release and smoke release. It also includes tests for ultraviolet light absorption and weathering.

Road vehicles are one of the most common sources of pollution in the world. Thestandardized testing procedures in ISO 15082:2016 can help to ensure that the safety glazing materials used on these vehicles are compliant with international standards.

What are the requirements of ISO 15082:2016?

ISO 15082:2016 provides a standard for the performance of rigid plastic safety glazing materials. The standard specifies the test methods, evaluation criteria, and test results that should be achieved for these materials.

There are a few requirements of ISO 15082:2016 that are important to understand. First, the test methods must be capable of measuring the performance of these materials under a variety of loading conditions. Second, the evaluation criteria should be based on how well the materials perform in terms of protecting people from injuries.

The final requirement of ISO 15082:2016 is that test results must be able to identify which types of materials are capable of meeting the requirements of the standard. This information can then be used to select the appropriate material for a particular application.

What are the benefits of ISO 15082:2016 Road vehicles?

The ISO 15082:2016 Road vehicles standard specifies tests for rigid plastic safety glazing materials.

The benefits of ISO 15082:2016 include:

  • It provides a standardized testing procedure for rigid plastic safety glazing materials.
  • It enables the manufacturers of these materials to improve their quality control.
  • It allows for the development of product specifications and performance requirements.
  • It facilitates the exchange of information between manufacturers.

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