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ISO 14641:2018

ISO 14641:2018

What is ISO 14641:2018 – Electronic document management

ISO 14641:2018 is an international standard for electronic document management. It provides organizations with a framework to help them manage their electronic documents in an efficient and secure manner. The certification helps organizations ensure that their document management processes are in compliance with the international standards.

This certification also helps organizations to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. With this certification, organizations can be sure that their documents are being stored securely and can be accessed quickly when needed.

What are the requirements of ISO 14641:2018?

ISO 14641 provides organizations with a set of requirements for securely managing digital documents. This standard was developed to ensure that organizations have a system in place to store, access, and protect digital documents. It also ensures that documents are kept up-to-date and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

ISO 14641 certification requires organizations to meet specific criteria related to document security, storage, retrieval, and archiving.

Additionally, it requires organizations to have processes in place for auditing the system and tracking changes made to documents over time. With ISO 14641:2018 certification, organizations can ensure that their digital document management systems are secure and compliant with applicable standards.

ISO 14641 Audit requirements:

The audit requirements outlined by ISO 14641:2018 include areas such as

Data protection

Access control


Encryption and more…

Additionally, it also outlines specific measures that must be taken in order to ensure the accuracy and integrity of electronic documents. By adhering to these audit requirements, organizations can ensure that their electronic document management system is compliant with various regulations and standards.

What are the benefits of ISO 14641:2018?

ISO 14641:2018 specifies technical specifications and organizational policies to be implemented for the capture, storage, and access of electronic documents. In order to ensure their preservation, legibility, integrity, and traceability for the duration of their preservation.

The standard also aims to optimize long-term electronic document preservation, archiving, and integrity, provide information search facilities, and ensure ease of access and use of electronic documents.

The benefits of ISO 14641:2018 include the ability to ensure the authenticity, reliability, and security of electronic documents, as well as to streamline document management processes and improve regulatory compliance.

Who needs ISO 14641?

As mentioned ISO 14641 is a set of technical specifications and organizational policies that are designed to be implemented for the capture, storage, and access of electronic documents.

Generally, organizations that deal with electronic documents that need to be preserved and accessed securely for long periods of time could benefit from implementing ISO 14641. This includes organizations such as government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and legal firms.

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