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ISO 12639:2004

ISO 12639

ISO 12639:2004 Graphic technology

Prepress digital data exchange — Tag image file format for image technology (TIFF/IT)

The Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) is a popular format for storing images. It is used by photographers and graphic designers for storing high quality images. The ISO 12639:2004 standard specifies the TIFF/IT format, which is an extension of the TIFF format that adds support for additional features such as transparency and layering.

What is ISO 12639:2004 ?

ISO 12639:2004 is an international standard that specifies the Tag Image File Format for image technology (TIFF/IT).

The TIFF/IT standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and it was first published in 2004.

The TIFF/IT standard is used to exchange digital image data between pre-press, print and publishing applications.

The TIFF/IT format is a derivative of the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), which is a widely used format for storing and exchanging digital images.

The TIFF/IT format includes additional features that are specifically designed for use in image technology applications.

Some of the features of the TIFF/IT format include support for multiple images in a single file, compression, color management and security.

What are the requirements of ISO 12639:2004 ?

ISO 12639:2004 standardizes the exchange of digital image data for prepress, publishing, and printing applications. It defines a tag image file format (TIFF/IT) for these purposes.

The standard specifies requirements for:

  • TIFF/IT files used for image technology
  • The contents of TIFF/IT files
  • The structure of TIFF/IT files
  • The use of TIFF/IT files in a networked environment

The most recent version of ISO 12639 was published in 2004.

What are the benefits of ISO 12639:2004 ?

The benefits of ISO 12639:2004 are many and varied. This standard provides a common format for the exchange of digital image data between prepress applications. This allows for increased efficiency and accuracy in the printing process, as well as reducing the need for manual intervention.

ISO 12639:2004 also provides a means of representing color-managed data, which is essential for ensuring consistent color reproduction throughout the printing process. In addition, this standard provides for the inclusion of metadata within TIFF/IT files, which can be used to store information such as copyright notices and keywords.

Overall, ISO 12639:2004 offers a number of advantages and benefits that can be extremely helpful in the prepress and printing industries. By providing a common format for image data exchange, this standard can help to improve efficiency and accuracy in the printing process, as well as reduce the need for manual intervention.

It facilitates the exchange of information between different systems and software used in construction projects.

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