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EN 352-2:2021

EN 352-2:2021

What is EN 352-2:2021 – Hearing protectors – General requirements – Part 2: Earplugs?

EN 352-2:2021 specifies the general requirements for earplugs as personal protective equipment for hearing protection. It is part of a series of standards that provide guidance on hearing protectors and their use in different occupational environments.

EN 352-2 specifically covers earplugs, which are designed to be inserted into the ear canal to reduce the amount of sound that reaches the eardrum. The standard specifies the minimum requirements for design, construction, performance, and labeling of earplugs intended for use in noisy environments. It also provides guidelines for testing and evaluating the effectiveness of earplugs in reducing noise levels.

Therefore, It applies to all earplugs regardless of their shape, size, or intended use, and is applicable to both reusable and disposable earplugs. It is intended to ensure that earplugs meet certain safety and performance criteria. And that they provide effective hearing protection for users in a variety of working environments.

Requirements of 352-2:2021

Design: Earplugs should be designed in such a way that they can be inserted and removed easily and comfortably from the ear canal. The design should take into account the anatomical variations in ear canals among users.

Performance: Earplugs should have a minimum attenuation level of 5 dB and a maximum standard deviation of 1.5 dB at each octave band frequency between 125 Hz and 8 kHz.

Marking: Earplugs should be clearly and permanently marked with the manufacturer’s name, trademark or other identification, and the level of attenuation provided by the product.

User information: Earplugs should be accompanied by user information, which should include instructions for use, fitting, and maintenance of the product.

Testing: Earplugs should be tested according to specific procedures and standards. To ensure they meet the performance requirements.

These requirements aim to ensure that earplugs provide effective hearing protection, are comfortable to use, and are easy to maintain.

Benefits of 352-2:2021

Protection: The standard ensures that earplugs provide adequate protection against noise-induced hearing loss in various noisy environments.

Comfort: This standard provides guidelines for the design and material of earplugs. To ensure they are comfortable for wearers. Enabling them to wear them for longer periods without discomfort.

Compatibility: The standard ensures that earplugs are compatible with other personal protective equipment (PPE). Such as safety glasses, respirators, and hard hats.

Quality: The standard requires earplugs to be manufactured to strict quality standards. Ensuring that they meet the required performance levels.

Consistency: This standard provides a consistent framework for the testing and certification of earplugs. Ensuring that products from different manufacturers are comparable and meet the same requirements.

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Who needs 352-2:2021 – Hearing protectors – General requirements – Part 2: Earplugs?

EN 352-2:2021 specifies the general requirements for earplugs as hearing protectors. The standard is intended for manufacturers, testing organizations, and users of hearing protectors. To ensure the hearing protectors provide adequate protection against harmful noise levels.

Therefore, anyone who produces, tests, or uses hearing protectors should be familiar with the requirements of EN 352-2. Including employers who are responsible for providing hearing protectors to their employees in noisy workplaces. As well as workers who are exposed to high levels of noise and require hearing protection.

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