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    ISO 5


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    ISO 5 Photography and Graphic Technology-Density measurements

    ISO 5 sets out rules and regulations for measurements and specifications of transmission and reflection properties of photographic and graphic material. It also deals with the geographical and spectral conditions of the material. These conditions are individually defined in ISO 5-2:2009, ISO 5-3:2009, ISO 5-4:2009
    Part 1 is responsible for geometry geometrical and functional notation.
    Part 2 is responsible for geometric conditions and transmittance density.
    Part 3 deals with the spectral properties of the material.
    Part 4 deals with geometrical conditions for reflection density.
    The applications of this standard are very wast. it includes specifications of photographic images to be viewed on an illuminator or viewing box or to be printed project with the system employing diffuse illumination. Though initially it was used for measurement of photographic images only but ISO 5-2 optical filters.

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