Looking for ISO/IEC 21481:2021?

ISO/IEC 21481:2021

ISO/IEC 21481:2021 Information technology — Telecommunications and information exchange between systems

What is NFCIP-2 and how can it benefit your business?

ISO/IEC 21481:2021 provides a detailed specification for the NFCIP-2 protocol, which enables the exchange of information between devices within close proximity. If you are looking to implement NFCIP-2 into your business, or if you are just curious about what it is and what it can do, read on!

What is ISO/IEC 21481:2021?

ISO/IEC 21481:2021 is a specification for a Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol. NFCIP- provides a common interface to NFC devices, which allows them to be used together more easily. This specification is important for the development of NFC-based applications.

NFCIP- is based on ISO/IEC 14443:2003, which specifies the communication between an NFC tag and an NFC reader. ISO/IEC 21481:2021 expands on this by providing detailed information about how tags and readers interact.

This Standard is important because it helps to make NFC more interoperable. This means that different manufacturers can create products that work with each other, regardless of their brand or model.

What are the requirements of ISO/IEC 21481:2021?

According to ISO/IEC 21481:2021, the NFCIP- standard defines an interface and protocol for exchanging information between systems using near field communication (NFC). The NFCIP- specification is applicable to both fixed and portable terminals.

This standard was developed in order to provide a common language for the communication of data between NFC-enabled devices. This will make it easier for manufacturers to create products that are compatible with each other.

The NFCIP- specification defines four layers: the transport layer, the application layer, the session layer, and the security layer. The transport layer is responsible for managing the flow of information between applications. The application layer provides functionality for managing user interactions with devices. The session layer manages the continuity of user interactions across multiple applications. The security layer provides protection for data transmissions.

What are its benefits ?

ISO/IEC 21481:2021 is a new, international standard for the telecommunications and information exchange between systems (TIES) usingNear Field Communication (NFC) technology.

It has a number of benefits for businesses and organizations that use NFC technology. These benefits include:

Increased efficiency and productivity: NFC technology can improve the way people work by speeding up the process of exchanging information.

Improved security: NFC technology can help to ensure the security of information by making it possible to verify the authenticity of data transfers.

Also,Reduced costs: NFC technology can reduce the costs associated with transferring information between systems.

Who needs this standard?

ISO/IEC 21481:2021 is a new standard that establishes protocols and interfaces for NFC-based communication. It is designed to help systems that are in close proximity to each other communicate with each other more easily.

In fact, NFC-based communication is becoming increasingly popular, and ISO/IEC 21481:2021 is designed to help systems communicate with each other more easily.

This Standard sets protocols and interfaces for NFC-based communication. It defines how systems can exchange data and information, and it also provides guidelines for system design.

It is not a standalone standard; it is part of the broader ISO/IEC 27001 family of standards. As a result, ISO/IEC 21481:2021 will help systems that are in close proximity to each other communicate with each other more easily.

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