Looking for ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020?

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020 Information technology — Document Schema Definition Languages (DSDL) — Part 7: Character Repertoire Description Language (CREPDL)

DSDLs are a critical part of any document management system, and CREPDL is a very important part of DSDLs. In this article, we’ll be looking at CREPDL and what it can do for you. We’ll also look at some of the limitations of CREPDL, and see how you can overcome them.

What is ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020?

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020 is a technical specification that defines the character repertoire description language (CRDL) for use by information technology (IT) systems. The CRDL is used to represent character data in a format that can be consumed by IT system components.

The CRDL is based on the ISO/IEC 10646-2:2012 standard and it covers the following aspects:

— Universal character set (UCS) support
— Multilingual support
— Support for different script types
— Support for different languages and scripts

Therefore, The CRDL is intended to be used by software applications that need to process character data. It can also be used by system administrators to control how character data is handled by IT systems.

What are the requirements of ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020?

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020 is the latest edition of the standard series, which provides standards for information technology — document schema definition languages (DSDLs).

Requirements of this standard include support for internationalization, user-friendly access, extensibility, and interoperability. It also specifies a character repertoire description language (CREPDL) that can be used to specify the character set and vocabulary of a DSDL.

CREPDL is an XML-based language that allows developers to describe the character set and vocabulary of a DSDL in a machine-readable format. Thus, This enables them to create DSDLs that are compatible with multiple character encoding schemes.

What are its benefits?

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020 is a new international standard for character repertoire description languages. The purpose of this standard is to provide a common framework for the description of character sets and encoding methods.

The benefits of this standard include:

improved interoperability between character repertoire description languages

increased flexibility and scalability of character repertoire description systems

improved accessibility and usability of character repertoire description languages

reduced development time and costs

Who needs this standard?

ISO/IEC 19757 is an international standard for information technology — document schema definition languages (DSDLs). It covers the description of character repertoire and its use for the interchange of documents.

ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020 is the latest version of this standard. It was published in March 2020 and replaces the previous version (2017)

There are some important changes in this edition of ISO/IEC 19757. The most significant change is that it now includes a new character repertoire description language (CREPDL), which is intended to replace the Character Sets Description Language (CSDL) used in earlier editions of ISO/IEC 19757.

Other changes include updated references to other international standards, including ISO/IEC 29500 and ISO/IEC 31197. As a result, implementers of this standard will need to be familiar with those standards as well.

So, If you are planning to implement or update an application that uses character repertoire descriptions, you should make sure to include support for ISO/IEC 19757-7:2020.

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