ISO/IEC 5218:2022(EN) Information technology — Codes for the representation of human sexes

ISO/IEC 5218:2022 was created by Joint Technical Committee ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information technology, Subcommittee SC 32, Data management and interchange.
ISO/IEC 5218:2022 is the second edition, which canceled and replaced the first edition (ISO/IEC 5218:2004), of which it constitutes a minor revision.
The changes are:
— Clarification that the scope of ISO/IEC 5218:2022 does not provide codes for human gender identities;
— The mandatory Normative references and Terms and definitions clauses have been added and subsequent clauses have been renumbered.
ISO/IEC 5218:2022 specifies a uniform representation of human sexes for the interchange of information. It is intended to:
— reduce the time required to record and/or format the representation of sexes and transmit the corresponding data;
— improve clarity and accuracy of interchange;
— minimize the amount of human intervention required for communicating the representation of sexes; and
— reduce costs.
ISO/IEC 5218:2022 does not prescribe file sequences, storage media, programming languages, or other features of information processing to be used in its implementation.
ISO/IEC 5218:2022 meets the requirements of most applications that need to code human sexes. It does not provide codes for sexes that can be required in specific medical and scientific applications or in applications that need to code sex information other than for human beings. It also does not provide codes for human gender identities that can be required in other applications.
ISO/IEC 5218:2022 does not supplant national standards for coding sexes that are designed based upon codes derived from names of sexes in the various. ISO/IEC 5218:2022 provides a numeric code that is independent of language-derived codes and as such is intended to provide a common basis for the international exchange of information containing human sex data elements.
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