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    ISO/IEC 9797 Information technology

    ISO/IEC 9797 Information technology

    What is ISO/IEC 9797 Information technology?

    ISO/IEC 9797 is an international standard that specifies methods for message authentication. Message authentication is a process of verifying the integrity and authenticity of a message.

    There are two parts to message authentication:

    1. Hash-based message authentication codes (HMACs)

    2. Message authentication codes (MACs)

    HMACs are a type of MAC that uses a cryptographic hash function in order to compute the MAC. MACs, on the other hand, do not use cryptographic hash functions.

    ISO/IEC 9797 specifies three different types of message authentication codes:

    1. ISO/IEC 9797-1: Authentication using a shared secret key

    2. ISO/IEC 9797-2: Authentication using a public key

    3. ISO/IEC 9797-3: Authentication using an elliptic curve

    Specific algorithms

    1. Specific algorithms: ISO/IEC 9797 Information technology standards often include specific algorithms that must be followed in order to achieve compatibility and interoperability between systems. For example, the SHA-2 family of algorithms is required for digital signatures and message authentication codes (MACs) in many ISO/IEC standards.

    2. Open-source software: Many ISO/IEC 9797 standards are based on open-source software, which is software that is available for free and can be modified by anyone. This makes it possible for developers to create their own versions of the software, which can be used to create compatible products and services.

    3. Proprietary software: Some ISO/IEC 9797 standards are based on proprietary software, which is software that is owned by a single company or individual. Proprietary software is usually not available for free and can only be used with permission from the owner. However, it can sometimes be easier to develop compatible products and services using proprietary software than open-source software.

    Key derivation

    Complete specification of the MAC calculation

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