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    ISO 28000:2022

    ISO 28000:2022

    ISO 28000:2022 Security and resilience

    ISO 28000:2022 is a global standard for information security management relevant to the supply chains. This standard provides requirements for security management systems.

    What is ISO 28000:2022?

    ISO 28000:2022 is the newest edition of the ISO standard for security management systems. It defines requirements for security management systems, and it provides guidance for designing, implementing, and testing such systems.

    Therefore, It is an important standard as it provides a globally accepted framework for security management. It helps organizations to identify and address common vulnerabilities in their security systems, and it helps them to improve their resilience to attacks.

    In Fact, This Standard is an updated version of the ISO standard for security management systems, ISO 28000:1995. It was developed in response to the increased complexity and volatility of information security threats.

    What are the requirements of this standard?

    The main requirement of ISO 28000:2022 is that an SMS must meet:

    – Compliance with ISO 27001 & ISO 9001
    – Ability to manage risk
    – Associated controls
    This Standard shares a set of complementary requirements for resilience. A resilient SMS should be able to recover quickly from attacks and failures. It should have an effective incident response plan if attacked or failure in cyber security processes

    What are its benefits ?

    This Standard is a globally recognized standard for security management systems. It sets out standards for the design, development, documentation, testing and deployment of security management systems.

    Reduced risk of cybercrime

    Improved security posture

    Better communication between different parts of an organisation

    Enhanced risk assessment and management capabilities

    It is a requirement for many organisations, including banks, healthcare organisations, government agencies and businesses of all sizes. By adopting ISO 28000:2022, you can ensure that your organisation is equipped to handle security threats and protect its assets from harm.

    Audit checklist for ISO 28000:2022

    It is a global standard for security management systems. This checklist will help you to audit your security management system to ensure that it meets the requirements of ISO 28000:2022.

    Identification and classification of risks

    Risk assessment

    Management and control of risks

    Periodic review and improvement of risk management processes

    Reporting and documentation of risk management activities

    Training and awareness of personnel responsible for risk management

    Who needs this standard?

    It is designed for businesses which need to manage risk in their operations, identify and assess risks, develop plans to mitigate risks, and measure the effectiveness of the plans.

    This standard doesn’t require any new technology or equipment, can be implemented using existing software and hardware.

    It is an international standard. It has been developed in collaboration with leading security and resilience organizations around the world.

    There are many benefits to implementing ISO 28000:2022 into your security management system. So, This standard can help businesses reduce risk, improve transparency and accountability, and improve resilience.

    If you need more support with ISO 28000:2022, please contact us at +91-8595603096 or support@pacificcert.com

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