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    ISO 233


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    ISO 233:1984 (EN) Transliteration of Arabic characters into Roman characters

    ISO 233 was created by Technical Committee ISO/TC 46, Documentation. ISO 233 canceled and replaced ISO Recommendation R 233-1961, which constitutes a technical revision.
    ISO 233:1984 defines a system for the transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters following the principles of stringent conversion in order to permit international information exchange.
    A character is an element of a system of writing, whether or not alphabetical, that represents a phoneme, a syllable, the word, or even prosodic characteristics of the language by using graphical symbols (letters, diacritical marks, syllabic signs, punctuation marks, prosodic accents, etc.) or a combination of these signs (a letter having an accent or a diacritical mark, for example, â, è, ö, is, therefore, a character in the same way as a basic letter).
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