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    ISO 2145


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    ISO 2145:1978(EN) Documentation — Numbering of divisions and subdivisions in written documents

    Technical Committee ISO/TC 46, Documentation, created ISO 2145. In accordance with section 6.13.1 of the ISO Technical Work Directives, ISO 2145:1978, second edition, was presented immediately to the ISO Council. It replaces the original edition and cancels it (ISO 2145-1972)
    A system for numbering divisions and subdivisions in written documents is established by ISO 2145:1978. It applies to all varieties of written materials, including standards, printed works, novels, journal articles, and manuscripts.
    If this is the case, numbering divisions and subdivisions in a written document is advised:
    — defines the order, significance, and relationship of each division and subdivision;
    — makes it easier to search for and retrieve certain sections in the text and allows for the citation of specific passages;
    — makes it easier to make references inside a written work.
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