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ISO 19439:2006 Enterprise integration — Framework for enterprise modelling

In order to design, manage, and monitor an enterprise system, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the business and its systems. ISO 19439:2006 provides a framework for enterprises to model their business processes, structure, and information flows. This article provides an overview of the ISO 19439:2006 framework, including an explanation of the different layers that make up the model and examples of how they can be used.

What is ISO 19439:2006 Enterprise integration?

ISO 19439:2006 is the international standard for enterprise integration. It provides a framework for enterprise modelling and description, and it enables cross-enterprise collaboration.

It is a flexible standard that can be used to model different types of enterprises. Thus, It includes the capability to model both web-based and non-web-based applications.

This standard can be used to create diagrams, models, and descriptions of enterprise integration architectures. These diagrams, models, and descriptions can be used to support the development of software applications and systems.

So, If you are working on a project that involves enterprise integration, you should definitely consider using the ISO 19439:2006 standard. It will help you to create accurate and comprehensive models, diagrams, and descriptions.

What are the requirements of this standard?

ISO 19439:2006 is the framework for enterprise modelling. It covers requirements such as data model, data store, information integration, and process integration.

The requirements of this standard are based on the needs of modern enterprises. Enterprises today deploy multiple applications that need to be integrated with each other.

Moreover, It provides a common language for describing these integration requirements. This enables organizations to develop and use Integration Frameworks effectively.

Integration Frameworks can help to improve the reliability, performance, and usability of enterprise applications. Also, They can help to automate the deployment and management of these applications.

What are the benefits of ISO 19439:2006 Enterprise integration?

It is a framework for enterprise integration. It provides a common language for describing the architecture, interactions, and dataflow of systems. This helps to ensure that different parts of an organization are able to work together more easily.

Therefore, The benefits of this standard include:

– improved communication between different parts of an organization
– reduced complexity and maintenance costs
– easier integration of new systems

Who needs this standard?

This standard that provides guidance for the development and use of enterprise integration models. It is intended to help organizations improve their ability to manage and integrate their information systems.

It is not a requirement for enterprise integration projects, but it can be helpful in order to improve the quality of the project. In fact, There are four main areas in which this standard can be useful: data management, process management, communication management, and governance.

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