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    ISO 19131

    ISO 19131

    ISO 19131

    ISO 19131:2007 Geographic information — Data product specifications

    ISO 19131:2007 Geographic information — Data product specifications is a set of guidelines that help organizations produce spatial data products that are both accurate and reliable. The document covers a variety of topics, including the identification of requirements for spatial data products, the use of standards such as DGPS and TMDS-B, and ensuring the quality of data products.

    What is ISO 19131:2007 ?

    ISO 19131:2007 is the standard for geographic information — data product specifications. This standard defines the requirements for geographic data products, describes the process of creating them, and provides guidance on how to use them.

    ISO 19131:2007 is a global standard that applies to geographic data products from all types of organizations, including government agencies, commercial enterprises, and research institutions.

    Geographic information can be extremely important for businesses and organizations. It can help businesses to understand where they are located, what their competition is doing, and how customers Navigate their surroundings.

    ISO 19131:2007 provides a set of requirements that all geographic data products must meet. These requirements help to ensure that Geographic information is accurate, reliable, and consistent.

    If you are creating or using a geographic data product, it is important to be familiar with ISO 19131:2007

    What are the requirements of ISO 19131:2007 ?

    ISO 19131:2007 is a standard that defines the requirements for geographic information products, including the format and structure of data products.

    ISO 19131:2007 specifies five product types:

    • Land cover
    • Land use
    • Population
    • Transportation
    • Economic activity

    Each product type has specific requirements that must be followed. For example, the land cover product type requires that data be collected in a consistent manner across different spatial scales.

    ISO 19131:2007 is a mandatory standard for geospatial data providers. Providers must comply with all of its requirements in order to sell their products to customers.

    If you are designing or producing a geographic information product, you must follow the requirements of ISO 19131:2007. Failure to do so can lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

    What are the benefits of ISO 19131:2007 ?

    ISO 19131:2007 is an international standard for the production of geographic information products (GIS).

    ISO 19131:2007 specifies the requirements for the development, management and use of geographic data products. It provides a Framework for Planning and Execution of GIS Projects, and provides guidance on best practices in the field.

    The benefits of ISO 19131:2007 include:

    • Improved quality and accuracy of geographic data products
    • Reduced time and cost to produce GIS products
    • Increased interoperability among GIS systems
    • Increased recognition of GIS as an important tool for business decision making

    Who needs ISO 19131:2007 ?

    ISO 19131:2007 is a voluntary standard that provides guidelines for the preparation of geographic information products (GIPs). ISO 19131:2007 covers the following topics:

    Identification of the need for GIPs

    1. GIS data structure and feature specifications
    2. Spatial data management
    3. Geographic information science
    4. Geographical information systems evaluation and certification
    5. Documentation of GIPs
    6. Guidelines for GIPs production
    7. Web-based mapping services
    8. Guidelines for spatial data interchange

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