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    ISO 19107

    ISO 19107

    ISO 19107

    ISO 19107:2019 Geographic information — Spatial schema

    ISO 19107:2019, Geographic information — Spatial schema, defines the requirements and provides the guidelines for creating and using spatial schemas. By understanding these requirements, you can create accurate and informative content that can be used to support decision-making.

    What is ISO 19107:2019?

    ISO 19107:2019 is a global standard for the representation of geographic information. It defines a common framework for the management, sharing and use of geographic data.

    ISO 19107:2019 defines a standard format for the storage, management, sharing and use of geographic data. The format is based on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standard Geographic Markup Language (GML) specification.

    The ISO 19107:2019 standard is important because it allows organizations to exchange geographic data easily and to build applications that use geographic data.

    Organizations that need to work with geographic data often use software that conforms to the ISO 19107:2019 standard. This includes software used by mapping companies, transportation planners, real estate developers, and environmental scientists.

    What are the requirements of ISO 19107:2019?

    ISO 19107:2019 is the latest version of the ISO Standards on Geographic Information. It specifies the requirements for creating, exchanging, managing, and using geographic information.

    ISO 19107:2019 has four main parts: terminology, standard data elements, representation, and application.

    The terminology part of ISO 19107:2019 establishes the terms that are used in the standards. The standard data elements part defines the types of data that can be included in a geographic information system (GIS). The representation part defines how geographic information can be represented in different formats. Finally, the application part explains how geographic information can be used to solve practical problems.

    ISO 19107:2019 is a comprehensive set of standards that covers all aspects of geographic information systems. It is essential for any organization that uses or plans to use geographic information.

    What are the benefits of ISO 19107:2019?

    ISO 19107:2019 is a new international standard for the representation, management and sharing of geographic information. This standard provides a unified framework for the management and exchange of geographic data across different platforms and tools.

    The benefits of ISO 19107:2019 include:

    • Simplification of the process of exchanging geographic information
    • Improved accessibility to geographic data
    • Better management and governance of geographic data
    • Improved understanding of locations and their spatial relationships
    • Enhanced security and protection of geographic data

    ISO 19107:2019 is currently being implemented by many different organizations around the world. By implementing this standard, these organizations will be able to improve the accuracy, reliability, and quality of their geographic data.

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