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    ISO 1745


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    ISO 1745:1975(EN) Information processing — Basic mode control procedures for data communication systems

    Technical Committee ISO/TC 97, Computers and information processing, developed ISO 1745, which was distributed to the Member Bodies in May 1973. ISO Recommendation R 1745-1971 is canceled and replaced by ISO 1745:1975.
    The ISO/CCITT 7-bit coded character set1) implementation technique is described in ISO 1745:1975 and is used for data transmission channels. Additionally, it specifies the supervisory sequences that are a component of the transmission control procedures as well as the formats of the transmitted messages. It covers the bulk of the data link configurations and existing data transmission systems that are used in conjunction with data processing systems.
    These control mechanisms only deal with transmission over a single link at a time; they do not cover how data links operate while they are operating “tandem.” They apply at the interface between data transmission equipment and data terminal equipment and belong to the class of control procedures known as the basic mode.
    It is acknowledged that the control procedures, in their current form, provide a framework on which a system can be constructed. However, before the successful interconnection of equipment from various supplies can be ensured, additional details will need to be defined, including: — the structure of prefixes or addresses when used; — “time-out” procedures and the recovery procedures that follow the various time-out conditions.
    It is necessary to take ISO 1745:1975 into consideration alongside ISO 2628

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