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    ISO 10957

    ISO 10957

    ISO 10957

    ISO 10957:2021(EN) Information and documentation — International standard music number (ISMN)

    The ISMN is a international standard music number. It is used to uniquely identify notated music in print and online. This standard was published on March 1, 2021.

    What is ISO 10957:2021

    ISO 10957:2021 establishes the International Standard Music Number (ISMN) for the identification of printed music publications, including books, sheet music, and music scores.

    The ISMN is a thirteen-digit number that consists of nine digits for the item number, two digits for the check digit, and two digits for the price code.

    The first six digits of the ISMN identify the publisher. The next three digits identify the specific work within the publisher’s catalogue. The last four digits are used for the price code and the check digit.

    The ISMN is used to uniquely identify printed music publications so that they can be easily tracked and located. It is also used to help prevent counterfeiting and piracy of music publications.

    What are the requirements of ISO 10957:2021

    The standard ISO 10957:2021 specifies the requirements for the International Standard Music Number (ISMN), which is a unique identifier for published music scores and other music-related products.

    The ISMN is a 13-digit number that consists of a 9-digit EAN number followed by a 4-digit item number. The first 3 digits of the EAN number indicate the country of origin, while the remaining 6 digits are used to identify the publisher. The 4-digit item number is used to identify the specific product within the publisher’s catalog.

    Products that can be identified with an ISMN include published music scores, books about music, music CDs, and online music files. The ISMN can also be used to identify music products that are not yet published, such as works in progress or unpublished manuscripts.

    To be eligible for an ISMN, a product must be intended for public distribution. This means that the product must be available for sale, rental, or loan, and it must be legal to distribute it in the country of origin. Products that are not intended for public distribution, such as works of art or private recordings, cannot be given an ISMN.

    The standard ISO 10957

    What are the benefits of ISO 10957:2021

    1. The ISMN is a unique identifier for music-related resources, similar to the ISBN for books.
    2. It provides a way to distinguish between different editions of the same work, and between different works with the same title.
    3. The ISMN can be used to request specific editions of works from libraries and music retailers.
    4. The ISMN can be included in databases and search engines, making it easier to find music-related resources.
    5. The ISMN can be used to create links between different online resources, such as audio recordings, sheet music, and website pages.

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