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EN ISO 1789:2020

Medical vehicles and their equipment-Road ambulances

EN ISO 1789:2020 Medical vehicles and their equipment-Road ambulances

EN ISO 1789:2020 outlines the specifications for road ambulances used for patient transport, monitoring, treatment, and care, as well as their design, testing, performance, and equipment. It also includes specifications for the working environment, ergonomic layout, and crew and patient safety in the patient’s compartment.

Checklist for ISO 1789:

  1. Vehicle Safety:
    • Crashworthiness and structural integrity
    • Safety features, such as airbags and seat belts
    • Emergency exits and escape routes
    • Secure mounting of medical equipment and devices
  2. Medical Equipment:
    • Check the certification and compliance of all medical devices with relevant medical device standards (e.g., CE marking for Europe).
    • Verify proper functioning and calibration of medical equipment.
  3. Infection Control:
    • Materials used in the construction of the vehicle’s interior should be suitable for easy cleaning and disinfection.
    • Ensure that proper infection control measures are in place and being followed.
  4. Electrical Systems:
    • Inspect the electrical system for proper installation and grounding.
    • Check that electrical components and systems meet relevant electrical safety standards.
  5. Ergonomics:
    • Evaluate the layout and design of the vehicle to ensure it facilitates efficient patient care and provides a safe working environment for medical personnel.
    • Check the accessibility and ease of use of medical equipment and supplies.
  6. Accessibility:
    • Assess the vehicle’s design for easy access for patients, medical staff, and equipment loading and unloading.
    • Verify that stretcher securing systems are in place and functioning correctly.
  7. Medical Gas Systems (if applicable):
    • Check the installation and compliance of medical gas systems with relevant standards and regulations.
    • Verify that medical gas storage and delivery systems are safe and secure.
  8. Performance and Testing:
    • Review documentation of performance testing conducted on the vehicle and its components.
    • Check that any required performance standards have been met.
  9. Documentation and Records:
    • Ensure that all necessary documentation, including user manuals, maintenance records, and certificates of compliance, are available and up-to-date.
  10. Compliance with National and Regional Regulations:
    • Confirm that the vehicle meets all relevant national and regional regulations and requirements.
  11. Training and Competence:
    • Evaluate the training and competence of the personnel involved in operating and maintaining the medical vehicle.

Additionally, EN ISO 1789:2020 outlines the specifications for ambulances designed to transport incubator systems.

Therefore, particular standards for each type of road ambulance—designated as patient transport road ambulance types A1, A2, B, and C—are covered by EN 1789:2020 too

Furthermore, in instances where the ambient conditions can differ from typical indoor settings. EN 1789:2020 specifies general standards for medical devices used in road ambulances. And transported in hospitals and clinics as well as outside of those facilities.

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